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  drymer 92fb81612c Merge branch 'master' of git.daemons.it:drymer/gnusrss 11 months ago
  drymer 321dacdd55 trigger 1 year ago
  drymer 0b21f399ad trigger 1 year ago
  drymer db180ef64c Add version 2 years ago
  drymer 06aa21d09c Add logging support 2 years ago
  drymer 81de58933e Add gnusrss logo and drop notabug mirror 2 years ago
  drymer 8c52f606a5 Fix typo 2 years ago
  drymer c07a0fd2fb Fucking rst toc 2 years ago
  drymer 0e35e7aceb Change setup version 2 years ago
  drymer bb78a4e903 New version 2 years ago
  drymer c404ec3441 Remove pycurl and use requests 2 years ago
  drymer 003feb1b51 Make gnusrss compatible with python3.2 2 years ago
  drymer 580426138b Fix bug 3 years ago
  drymer 1f74ac1bc6 Add option to show version 3 years ago
  drymer 28848dc09c Bug fix 3 years ago
  drymer 9baaf78077 Add insecure option to connect to GNU social server 3 years ago
  drymer d3936634ca Add more information about dependencies 3 years ago
  drymer e02125d593 Change version 3 years ago
  drymer 63ae072320 Fix "print_help" 3 years ago
  drymer f024166c6b Fix "print_help" 3 years ago
  drymer 00fd507982 Fix error 3 years ago
  drymer 913e33af86 Add notice's post control 3 years ago
  drymer 7ac337061a Do complete rewrite and orientate gnusrss to objects 3 years ago
  drymer 8637f4f219 Add last support (I wish) to all kind of feeds 3 years ago
  drymer 200fb6fd8e Add better error management 3 years ago
  drymer 200f2d2c2d Bug fix 3 years ago
  drymer 8f3775db4d Make gnusrss support all kind of RSS and ATOM feeds 3 years ago
  drymer e09acf2484 Add automatic url shortening 3 years ago
  drymer 7e19e77f06 Add better response headers management 3 years ago
  drymer 0b064bc984 Add how to modify the user's crontab 3 years ago
  drymer 95a24e8a7a Fix various bugs 3 years ago
  drymer 1542fb718f Yep, I forgot to add the version for PyPi 3 years ago
  drymer 26582b6bd0 Add GNU Social's feed support 3 years ago
  drymer 1444f1c68b Minor bug fix 3 years ago
  drymer 4e5cc8f1c9 Bug fix 3 years ago
  drymer e5dff72c1f Add README since it's necessary to install with setup.py 3 years ago
  drymer 2405657b47 Add requirements.txt again for the git repo 3 years ago
  drymer 2a65280783 Bug fix 3 years ago
  drymer 76be830989 And know, a fucking release 3 years ago
  drymer ec8af4bb01 I hate distributing packages 3 years ago
  drymer b0e8c67202 Maybe will be the last one... 3 years ago
  drymer 2639ee797e Another change to install requirements automatically 3 years ago
  drymer fe7ea261fd Messing arround with PypI 3 years ago
  drymer 1ef06eafdc Change wrong download_url 3 years ago
  drymer a63fabf397 Add changes relative to (still) make gnusrss available in PyPi 3 years ago
  drymer 424ff224e7 Changes relative to make gnusrss available on pypi 3 years ago
  drymer bcbcb467dd Fix stupid error in the README 3 years ago
  drymer ce7cf02d94 Just a stupid change to release a tag 3 years ago
  drymer 97059e44c8 Add org version of the README because org-mode rocks 3 years ago
  drymer a318ebe82f Add --populate-database and Features section 3 years ago