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  drymer 718e066e3f
Add more comics 5 months ago
  drymer 951b3b4b7b
Update to golang 12 and add verbose to the fmt script 9 months ago
  drymer 4eda32791c
Promote gomic in the gomic page 9 months ago
  drymer 9ae0dbca1c
Add more JuliaEvans comics 9 months ago
  drymer ae754d8297
Add two new Julia Evans comics 1 year ago
  drymer 83a828ce19
Add gomic source 1 year ago
  drymer 0f7c0a4d68
Add responsiveness 1 year ago
  drymer c256255b6e
Add hamburguer menu 1 year ago
  drymer 8242261c00
Update example image 1 year ago
  drymer 9901328c68
Add hamburguer menu 1 year ago
  drymer 4766a49bc6
Indent html 1 year ago
  drymer 6af00656c6
Delete unused id 1 year ago
  drymer 053f41a80e
Change url to a useful one 1 year ago
  drymer 2861bba430
Add some default origins 1 year ago
  drymer 84f5a428ee
Delete unused image 1 year ago
  drymer f8409074a5
Apply gofmt 1 year ago
  drymer c4c7e93563
Don't add as origin random 1 year ago
  drymer 36501f4833
Set the origin's endpoint dinamycally 1 year ago
  drymer 332fcd4932
Move comicServer function 1 year ago
  drymer 6bf7b51a05
Add special case for the coloringbooks 1 year ago
  drymer 60f5bae07c
Set random as default endpoint 1 year ago
  drymer de11841198
Normalize css references 1 year ago
  drymer 2ee0c6ef2d
Add informative string about random pages 1 year ago
  drymer b419171359
Drop grab dependency 1 year ago
  drymer a24e4c3289
Delete index since now it's random 1 year ago
  drymer 5ce4d43c2d
Add more origins 1 year ago
  drymer 53ebb715f5
Migrate to bulma framework 1 year ago
  drymer 3225bafc07
Automatically restart gomic service 1 year ago
  drymer 466bbd8315
Create gitignore 1 year ago
  drymer adf906d128
Prettify css 1 year ago
  drymer fcd63991be
Add back button 1 year ago
  drymer 94f98d2018
Delete unused css 1 year ago
  drymer 0f2c7d89a9
Initial iteration 1 year ago
  drymer b7ee50c84d Initial commit 1 year ago