This is just an exercise to learn some go. This program downloads a list of images and creates a webserver with a photo gallery to serve them. The images in the repo are technical comics.
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Makefile 786B

  1. .PHONY: help
  2. help:
  3. @echo "Please use 'make <target>' where <target> is one of"
  4. @echo " clean remove the go binary"
  5. @echo " build build the binary"
  6. @echo " docker-build build the docker image"
  7. @echo " push push the docker image"
  8. @echo "Check the Makefile to know exactly what each target is doing."
  9. test:
  10. @echo "Checking format"
  11. @sh scripts/
  12. clean:
  13. @echo "Deleting binary"
  14. @rm -f gomic
  15. build:
  16. @echo "Creating static binary"
  17. @docker run -i -v `pwd`:/gomic golang:1.11.5-alpine3.9 sh /gomic/scripts/
  18. docker-build:
  19. docker build -t --target production .
  20. docker-push:
  21. docker push
  22. all: clean build docker-build